Seminar Topics


Seminar Session #1

Preparing for Launch

Greg Hunter

The Icing on the Cake:
How to Program and Theme
an Excellent Event

Steve Garcia

Leadership on the Vine
Living and Leading a
Fruitful Life

Bill Fernald

Beyond Compliance
HR as a Partner in Ministry

Steven Bush

Camp as Leadership Development

Rob Ribbe

The Art of Coaching

Craig Lomax

Alaskan Chainsaw Milling

Josh Anacker

Social Media Recruiting:
Trends, Plans, & Ideas!
Oh My!

Ben Beitzel

How to Buy a House in Camp Ministry

Patrcick Gamboa

Using Horses in Camp Ministry:
The Good, The Bad, and the Not So Ugly

Danna Ayers

The Joys & Challenges of
Marriage & Ministry

Tiffany and Cam Staman

Recruiting, Selecting, and Empowering
Your Staff

Jeremy Bentley, Megan Bellows, and Andrew Newberry

Tour of Adventure Recreation

Jacob Anderson

Tour of Housekeeping

Tim Alban

Seminar Session #2

Improving Your Culture by
Defining Organizational Behaviors

Greg Hunter

Better, Faster, Stronger:
Powerful Data Analytics
Tools for Camps

Steve Garcia

Understanding Millennials,
Gen Z, and Gen Alpha

Kelsey Paterson

Enhancing Our Camp Experiences
Through Team Building

Ron Taylor

Solving the Staff Recruitment
Challenge by Rethinking
Our Model

Rob Ribbe

The Greatest Threat to
Healthy LeadershipHot topics for directors

Craig Lomax

Discussion on
Human Resources
Part I

Elyce Wyatt

Taking Care of the People That Take
Care of Your Ministry
The Importance of Staff Care

Jeremy Bentley

Rewards and Challenges in Raising Kids in Camp Ministry

Nicole and Brian Shaw and Panel

Team Dynamics
Making Every Team the Best Team,
From Culture to Environment

Tim Alban

Food Service Round Table

John Han

Pray, Wait, and Trust
an Interactive Painting Seminar

Kimberly Miller

Seminar Session #3

Talking Gooder:
A Pathway Through the
Communication Minefield

Dan Ferguson

Leading Through Conflict:
Conflict Managment for
Teams and Leaders

Steve Garcia

Every Nation, Tribe, and Language
Christian Camping in God's
Global Mission

Bill Fernald

Facilitating the Team
Building Experience

Ron Taylor

Camp Ministry 401:
The Theology and Social Science
Background of Camp's Powerful Impact

Rob Ribbe

Suicide Prevention Training

Craig Lomax

Discussion on
Human Resources
Part II

Elyce Wyatt

ACCT Operation Review
Are Your Policies, Procedure, and Training
in Line with Standards and Program?

Nate Pfefferkorn

Security Grants

John Ojeisekhoba

Staff Development for
Retention and Growth

Tom Raisbeck, Rory Collings, and Jacque Godwin

Carpentry/Electrical 101

Josh Eddings

God Honoring Dating in
Christian Camping

Michael Jones

Tour of Kitchen

John Han

This is a tentative listing of seminars, and availability may change.

Look for more to be added as the conference approaches.